• Wednesday , 17 July 2019
April 2018 Tarot Readings For Libra

April 2018 Tarot Readings For Libra

When The Moon appears, it’s time for all of us to experience the emotional side of ourselves. Big Time. In your case, you’re due for a month’s worth of fantasies, so enjoy it. It might be about castles. It might be about the Roaring 20s. It might also be about the current time, with someone you know right now. Regardless, enjoy it. It’s time to forget reality and enjoy the deeper, more enchanting side of life.

It’s time to separate the person you are now from the person you once were. Over the next month, try to spend some time on your own, deciding exactly who and what you want to be when it’s done. And don’t hang on desperately to what’s in your life now. The more fervently you hold on, the more determined the card of Death will be to take it away from it. Embrace this change, and don’t be afraid.

When The High Priestess appears, she offers you several options, but only one choice: to follow the right path and do the right thing by everyone – most especially yourself. At this time, the only “right thing” to do is quite clear to you, but it’s probably not going to be easy. If you want to sleep easy, though, with a clear mind that produces easy dreams, follow your own personal code.

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