• Sunday , 22 September 2019
April 2018 Tarot Readings For Scorpio

April 2018 Tarot Readings For Scorpio

If you’re happily attached, the Fool will bring you two into a wonderful period of “togetherness” that will be brought on by one simple event – an event that will prove that you’re truly meant to be together. If you’re single, you’re probably in the mood to stay that way, especially if you’ve just regained your freedom. Don’t let anyone make you feel as if you owe them anything. You don’t!

Does your work reflect your beliefs? Do you enjoy it, and feel that it’s making a difference in the world around you? If you’re happy with it, that’s wonderful – and you’re about to have an especially rewarding month. The Pope will see to that. His presence pushes us to spend our days doing something that reflects our morals, our beliefs and our goals for the world around us.

The good news – no, the absolute best news you could possibly hear now – is that after all this time of searching for who you really are, you’re about to “find yourself.” Now, that may sound silly to others, but you know what it means. You’ve been trying over several months, if not longer, to find out who you really are, but recent events have proven to you that you already know!

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