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April 2018 Tarot Readings For Virgo

April 2018 Tarot Readings For Virgo

The High Priestess is a gentle card, representing the softer, more subtle side of life. You’ll be asked to give and ask for understanding, so if you need to talk with someone, don’t hesitate. Just be sure it’s someone you really trust. If someone asks for advice, dole it out lovingly. If a loved one has done something to offend you, forgive them and let it go, especially if the offense wasn’t intended.

At one time, the card of The Lovers was named “The Decision” – which is exactly what you’ll be facing over the coming month. You may suddenly decide to change your area of specialization, or to take on a new position. Regardless, the only way to succeed is to enter into this new range of professional obligations with all your heart, with no doubts and no qualms about the past.

Every now and then, we all feel happy to just be us. It’s not common, so when it occurs, be grateful. It’s your turn to be grateful now, because you’ll enjoy that feeling for the next month, thanks to the card of The World, an indication that no matter what you’ve been doing over the past few weeks, months, or years, you’ve definitely been doing it right.

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