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Astrology: Talented Taurus – The Mountain -Ear


The Sun welcomes Taurus, the artistic member of the zodiac. The second sign follows the start of the stars and Aries and spring and new life. Taurus, grounded earth, allows all of us to bring our dreams into real time with the themes of love, money, art and creativity.

Uranus, the live wire planet in the celestial realm, has just entered Taurus for a spritely seven-year cycle. Those born early in the sign, from April 20-25, will start to feel this changeable energy this year as you look for new horizons. Expect the unexpected!

Aries- The universe is opening up like the metaphysical cosmic egg for the first sign of the zodiac. The uncertainty factor that has been hanging over your head astrologically for the past seven years is now gone. You are experiencing a security wave which feels comfortable.

Taurus- The cosmos welcomes the second sign of the zodiac, Taurus, into the circle of birthday parties. Happy Birthday to you! Your ruling planet is Venus, the goddess of love and money. Unexpected boons are coming to you over the course of this year and especially in earthy 2020.

Gemini- The quicksilver messenger of the zodiac, your guide Mercury, is quick and silver once again. Not only has he recovered from his retrograde cycle, but he is zooming through the zodiac, establishing templates of summer fun in the sun for you and you are ready for this.

Cancer- La Luna is your guiding planet in the celestial realms. The moon’s favorite sign is Taurus, the new leader of the zodiac, so expect a comfortable amount of money ahead. The moon will share her visions of your future with you as she gazes upon her dazzling silver crystal ball.

Leo- Leo is larger than life itself right now and this shining brilliance continues through the summer for you. You are concerned with your public persona and the personality that you have developed in your career. Your connections with family and friends are illuminated.

Virgo- Taurus is one of your fave raves, with you giving this sign top ranking due to its combo of earthly practicality and disciplined work place ethics. The bull allows you to make tangible progress during the month ahead and also in preparation for epic career rewards in 2020.

Libra- The graceful marble statue of Venus de Milo that enchants visitors to the Louvre in Paris was carved in 200 BC. The planet Venus is the ruler for two signs, yours and the new astrological star, Taurus. Expect art and sociability to be featured for you in the month ahead.

Scorpio- You are active, attractive and in demand as this year unfolds. Your opposite sign of partnership, grounded and artsy Taurus is now capably running the zodiac for the month ahead. Life in all its changes has made you stronger and ready to move forward into 2019.

Sagittarius- It just keeps getting better and better for the archers this year. Your ruling planet, lucky Jupiter, spends one year in your sign every twelve years and this is that year. Therefore, make hay while the Sun shines and then take all that hay back home and spin it into gold.

Capricorn- Let’s hear it for earth signs! You are one and so is Virgo and the third one in your trilogy is now in charge of the zodiac. Taurus brings us Earth Day as we celebrate our magnificent mother. Enjoy dancing upon the earth in bare feet during the merry month of May.

Aquarius- Aquarius has landed, after the roll of the dice, on the little square on the great game board of life that says “home.” You will relish your alone time and start making spring and summer plans for home improvement and decoration projects in your mountain castle.

Pisces- The metaphysical and multidimensional template of life has floated into your consciousness. You are connecting with celestial ideas about how to enhance your life, love and happiness factors as we glide gratefully into the flower-filled merry month of May.

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