• Saturday , 7 December 2019

BiG Boss 12 Winner Prediction

For last five years all my predictions for big boss has come true.

This time it has very interesting tie as energies are rotating..as far three finalist will be concerned the best chances are of Sreesanth, Deepika and Deepak Thakur.

Interestingly all above three are ruled by no 6. Tarot cards energies are showing fair chances of all three but more has of Deepika.Kakkar or Deepak Thakur. As they have equal strong energies and deserving.

As Far Numerology is Concerned if we consult whole date of birth and life path, Deepak and Deepika has good Numbers in harmonious balance.

I Personally Feel “Dipika Kakkar” or Deepak.Thakur has More Chances of Winning than any one else …Lets See how energies move. Only Case things may turn if this time Big boss is fixed else Dipika Has fair chances of Winning.


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