• Saturday , 7 December 2019

Bigg Boss 11 Winner!

Know who will win bigg boss 11?

Big Boss Finale is two days away and fans of big boss will definetely like to know chances of winner.

Last week Monica Agarwal Celebrity Tarot Reader Predicted Four Finalist and That comes true.

Now I took Out Cards For All Contestants to measure their Chances.

Puneesh …Being a commoner he has come long way and has positive cards coming he will definetely get benefitted in monetary terms but winning chances are less.

Shilpa Shinde has great fan following and strong stars in her favour hence makes her winning chances strong but equally Vikas has Strong chances of winning.

As per Cards Suggest and current energies highest chances of winning is of Shilpa Shinde.

Second Highest Energies are of Vikas.

Next comes Hina Khan. Though hina has gathered lot of oppositions in the show due to her rude and arrogant nature and beung upfront also to extent she has tampered her Bahu Image but still stars are favouring her and if keeps on working she is at par with Vikas.

Until Big Boss Makes being biased and have something decided energies and stars are favouring Shilpa Shinde. So shilpa shinde wl be the winner as per current energies.

Aa we know energies keep shifting lets see how energies remain same or will shift.

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