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Can chanting Mantras improve quality of our lives; the story of Jothishi.com – ANI News

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India] August 13 (ANI/BusinessWire India): This is the real story of Anand Vadakepat, an entrepreneur with a huge interest in music and some exposure to divinity and spirituality. His ability to pick-up tunes and sound patterns got him interested in some specific Mantras.
Over a period of time chanting these mantras repeatedly became a habit. Anand, because of this habit, started noticing the special combination of audio vibrations which are a part of the Mantras and its impact on healing, purifying and rejuvenating a person. Around the same time, he also started exploring the concept of Karma. In the quest to learn, he began studying Vedic Astrology, Mythologies, and their application in daily life.
During his research, he realized that the problems and issues faced by the people could be categorized into physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Modern science is now starting to realize that these problems often are manifestations of metaphysical issues, negative emotions and bad Karma. He started realizing that chanting Mantras helped in gathering spiritual energies that would help one navigate through one’s issues related to life.
Anand’s journey of studying Vedic Astrology and Mantras continued for over ten years and culminated in jothishi.com. Jothishi refers to a person who attempts to see the divine light, and the platform, jothishi.com, attempts to help people discover themselves and give them a direction in life.
The platform provides unique techniques for spiritual evolution and addressing issues in one’s life by chanting Mantras. Unlike most other techniques that involve breathing (Vayu Element), he suggests techniques based on sound and chanting (Akash Element).
In view of this, the platform has a number of shlokas and mantras published on its YouTube channel. These videos also explain the origin of various Mantras and the mythology behind them.
The website opens a whole new dimension to the existing Vedic astrology market by giving the user an insight into the five-thousand-year-old science behind Vedic Astrology. It also provides Vedic context to various festivals and some of the most famous temples in India.
Jothishi.com also offers a Vedic Astrology horoscope analysis service. All the user has to do is input their place, date and time of birth. This information is used by the technology platform to predict various aspects of the users’ life. As part of the analysis, jothishi.com also recommends various Mantras that are suitable for the user given his birth details and the time frame (Dashas).
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