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February 2018 Tarot Readings For Libra

February 2018 Tarot Readings For Libra

You feel that success and achievement are on their way to you. A man of significance will provide his support, perhaps your father, husband/partner or boss – whoever it is, he will give you steady support.

You feel confident and able to influence people and events, as you have a great sense of your own authority. Expect promotion at work or achieving greater status in life.

If you have been a victim of ill will, be assured that you will win in the end.

The cards suggest that at this time you desire comfort, security and happiness and may well need some emotional support and reassurance.

If you are considering having a baby the desire will be very strong at this time, or perhaps you are already pregnant and you have some concerns. If male, perhaps you are considering fatherhood with someone but have concerns.

Things will turn out fine, just know that you are loved and that there are people around you who care.

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