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Letters: Dismal pass rate for third-grade readers indicates school system is whats failing – Palm Beach Post

Apparently, a 54 percent pass rate for Palm Beach County public school third-graders when it comes to reading is acceptable. How can anyone be satisfied with a 54 percent success rate? If this was a business and 46 percent of their products were unacceptable there would be wholesale employee dismissals. Furthermore, the article, “PBC 3rd graders’ reading scores drop for first time on revamped state exam,” (May 25), explains that a passing grade is a two (2). This apparently is on a scale of 1-to-5 with 5 being an ‘A’, 4 a ‘B’, 3 a ‘C’, 2 a “D” and 1 an “F”. Please tell me why a billion-dollar entity like the school district strives to obtain a “D”? Are we so oblivious to who is failing . . . could it be the system and all the innovations constantly injected into the learning curriculum? Or perhaps, too much time is devoted to testing at the expense of instructional hours? If the students cannot learn to read well, then how can reading become a tool for learning?

Philip Meadow, Lake Worth

DeSantis right to sign

toll roads bill for growth

The Post’ Sunday editorial — “DeSantis goes wrong way on environment with toll road to nowhere,” (May 26) — deserves another point of view, especially in light of Florida’s population growth over the last eight years, an increase of 2.5 million people. Creating infrastructure corridors for multi-modal transportation, communications and utilities will minimize environmental disruption/damage as opposed to piecemeal construction of those systems over the long-term.

Past experience with “roads to nowhere” such as Florida’s Turnpike and the Sawgrass Expressway (huge successes) and Palm Beach County’s East-West Expressway and Sawgrass Northward Expansion (regrettable failures, as shown by current needs, due to misplaced opposition and lack of execution) demonstrates the need for forward-thinking planning and action.

The diversion of funds from General Revenue is actually redirection of infrastructure-related revenue (licensing fees), which should have been used to support transportation in the first place.

The comparison of Gov. Ron DeSantis to Teddy Roosevelt is more appropriate than inferred. As the editorial pointed out, both took actions to greatly benefit the environment. What wasn’t mentioned was that both also took major steps to facilitate huge projects (Roosevelt, the Panama Canal; and DeSantis, the multi-use corridors) whose environmental impacts were, and are well-justified by the benefits to be derived from their execution.

Don Goddeau, West Palm Beach

Climate change, sea level rise

confirmed by science, facts

This is a fraught time for truth in the world. A Sunday letter promulgated the opinion that global warming is not the result of human activity: “… fraudulent publications pushing for climate change and global taxation use gullible, deceived socialists as their pawns.” The writer incredibly described rising carbon-dioxide levels as benign, and even desirable.

This is simply not true. The American Association for the Advancement of Science, the world’s largest general scientific society, declares global climate change caused by human activity is occurring now and is a growing threat to society. NASA has published a consensus among 18 top American scientific associations agreeing that global warming is a serious threat and attributable to human industrial emissions. That report lists 200 worldwide scientific organizations holding the position that climate change is caused by human activity.

Palm Beach County has joined neighbor South Florida coastal counties to draft a Regional Climate Change Compact which forecasts significant sea level rise long-term in the absence of dramatic reductions in greenhouse gases.

The war on truth is a real war with world-altering consequences.

Dave McBride, Boynton Beach

Source Article from https://www.palmbeachpost.com/opinion/20190601/letters-dismal-pass-rate-for-third-grade-readers-indicates-school-system-is-whats-failing

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