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Machchhar maarkar giney nahin jaatey: VK Singh on number of terrorists killed in Balakot airstrike – India Today

VK Singh, Union Minister of State for External Affairs, on Tuesday said one does not count the dead bodies of ‘mosquitoes’ after killing them down, in reference to the Congress party’s questions on the number of terrorists killed in Balakot airstrike.

Singh was addressing Aaj Tak’s ‘Suraksha Sabha’ in New Delhi.

India launched a pre-emptive airstrike in Pakistan’s Balakot in retaliation to February 14 Pulwama terror attack, on February 26. Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed had claimed responsibility for the Pulwama attack.

While the Opposition, including Congress president Rahul Gandhi, has constantly been demanding the details of the airstrike — and the headcount of the killed terrorists, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-ruled Centre maintains the national security doctrine cannot be revealed to anyone.


VK Singh presented a different reasoning to this. He said, “Kya aap machchhar maarkar sotey hain ya machchhar ki dead bodies gintey hain?”


When asked about the subtle sarcasm in the reply, Singh said, “Jab koi masla mazaakiya ho jaaye, toh jawaab bhi mazaakiya ho jaata hai.”

So, is India actually sending the pack of naysayers to Pakistan to verify?

“Koi jahaaz se kisiko Pakistan nahin bhej raha. Yeh woh bhi jaantey hain, aap bhi. So, let’s be clear on that,” VK Singh said.


“I speak as a former defence chief, and not as a BJP leader, when I say if we are talking about the defence forces, ahead of election, we are on the right track,” VK Singh replied, when asked if the saffron party was politicising Balakot airstrike.

“Moreover, the airstrike has proved the new India can do anything to counter terrorism,” he added.


“Main Rahul Gandhi par koi tippanni nahin karoonga. Pata nahin kaun bura maan jaaye,” VK Singh said.

Surprisingly, he wasn’t even asked anything about the Congress president.

Singh added, “The question would lead to him.”

So, is he scared of Gandhi or Mahagathbandhan?

“Not at all. Sena mein rahne ke baad kisise darr nahin lagta. Bass patrakaaron se lagta hai. Mahagathbandhan se bhi nahin,” he said.

VK Singh added, “Gathbandan in Mahagathbandan comes from a marriage union. But what sort of a marriage is this? 32 mein se eik bhi gun nahin milta.”

‘Gun’, here, refers to the elements in Vedic Astrology — based on which Pandits and astrologers match the horoscopes of the bride and the groom so as to judge if the marriage would work.

Source Article from https://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/balakot-airstrike-vk-singh-machchhar-dead-bodies-india-pakistan-1476477-2019-03-12

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