• Thursday , 24 January 2019
March 2018 Tarot Readings For Taurus

March 2018 Tarot Readings For Taurus

Card for this month is Nine of Wands
The Nine of Wands indicates a pause, a time to “wait and see.” You have seen many battles relating to your situation, and you have fought hard. Like the man in the card whose head is bandaged but unbowed, your Will shall remain intact. These conflicts have strengthened you, but they have hardened you, making you better able to weather life’s struggles, but at what price? Be aware of your defenses and when they are triggered…they may make you seem unapproachable. Someone will try to earn your trust, which is hard won at best. Don’t pick fights, or see trouble where there isn’t any; you can keep your thick skin, but don’t build walls. In the end, you will only block yourself if you do.

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