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Monthly Horoscope June 2019: Check out this month’s astrology prediction for your zodiac sign – Times Now

With each new month, comes a whole set of obstacles and opportunities. But while each month gets with it a full set of goals to achieve and expectations to meet, the science of astrology can help one find out what’s in store for them. One can also get help in day to day problems and achieve some clarity over the cluttering thoughts in one’s mind. Wondering what June has in store for you? Well, check out this month’s astrology prediction and find out.
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June is your month of dicey ups and downs. In matters of love and close family relations, you need to be super cautious. Also, take good care of your heart and health. No need to worry about family and kids as little expenditure on health issues will remain for both you and your child. In terms of career and business, you might face issues with seniors at work. Due to a hectic schedule, you might tend to stress; do not overthink! Property deals aren’t suggested but if you still want to do one, you have to be really careful with the associate brokers. Stay away from the blame-game in the family and do not take hasty decisions in matters of property/finance. The blaming problem is going to deeply affect you and your offspring. Especially for the students of class 12th, it is recommended to focus on the studies and keep stern concentration without getting lost in the company of bad friends. College students will pay total dedication towards the career perspective and it will take them a long way.


June is going to witness tricky ups and downs in love and relationship. Family, friends, and other associates will see you in a confused state; you are suggested to keep calm. In matters of love, there are chances that you will fly out of the city/country with your partner. Health will be a good arena this month as except little viral infections that are going to cause cold or minor cough. New job opportunities seem enticing and there are chances of a distant job. The family bond test will be at peak and there might be little difference in the point of views of the family members. Not only this, there are chances you might change your field of business completely; do not fall for hasty decisions. If you have constructed an illegal property, it will be demolished. In case you are a student, keep your deep concentration on the studies and do not let your dedication deviate from the studies. College students will have a feeling to study a subject in deep but also of changing the institution for a better one. In case you are up for your wedding or engagement, you will have a trail of hurdles to follow by; married couples have no better situation during this phase.


Hello Sunshine! This week your energy is going to overflow. With little patches of darkness, you’ll gain much power to move ahead in life. Your love and relationships will be better and there. Not only this, proposals see a good future during this time; like the case when you plan on going on the knees. A quick check on your regular diet and you will do good! New job and new beginnings can come across your way, make sure you keep firm feet on the ground with no chaos and confusion in your head. School going kids need your attention; try spending study evenings with them and they’ll be more than happy to excel at school. Talking in terms of property and share market, a good stone to be turned is advice! These fields are critical and you have to be very careful while investing in any one of it. Investment and money will have to be looked carefully. Marriages and love relationships will be tricky. Fruitful proposals seem coming closer to you. Also, fair chances of you going on an outing with your beloved!


The initial 22 days of this month are going to be super-electric for you. You will see yourself crossing high standards of mental, work, and physical capacity and much progress will come your way. While you might have an iffy stomach or dicey liver during the rest of 8 days, there will also be disinterest at the workplace. Also, the initial 15 days aren’t going to be smooth in the job; but the rest 15 days are going to be very fruitful; chances of going abroad for work are high. People holding a venture of their own might face hardships during the initial 10 days of the month but this is going to shower a rainbow of colors during the rest of 20 days; financial gains expected. The new venture will shine and financiers will be on finger count. Initial 22 days are beneficial and little borrow/lend will enhance the finances. You’ll spend quality time with the family but the last ten days might give you mental tension and unrest. 1st-4th and 27th-30th seem a good time for your children’s health and academics. 5th-26th doesn’t seem a very fruitful time. Property and wealth waves initial 22 days of the month are very beneficial. 4th-14th and 22nd-30th are good times in regards to student’s careers; however, 1st-3rd and 15th-21st will deviate your concentration from studies. Dates from 5th-26th June will not be an enticing time for married and sex life, but the good thing is before/after these dates, the romance between the couple is going to light up ethereally!


This month is your time of good fortune and fitness. With a high rise in your self-confidence and integrity, it is going to be a win-win situation for you. In case you are participating in a sport, you will be the winner. This will enhance your work capacity and you’ll progress. Your liver, intestines, and other digestive organs can form a disease; stay very careful with everything you eat.  Dates 9th -14th and 17th-30th are very fruitful in terms of business. 1st-8th and 15th, 16th seem dull. 5th-26th might see the graph drooping down in regards to business and service people; 1st-4th and 27th-30th seem beneficial. The first and last 4 days of the month are going to experience unforgettable smiles in the family; a true period of joy and cheerfulness. The first 15 days of the month are going to be very beneficial in terms of health, peace, and prosperity of the family. 22nd-30th of June is the best time for rising positivity and prosperity. You can start new relationships at this point in time. Wealth and property will go smooth during the first week but will cause issues later. Beware of any deals from 22nd-30th. The students would’ve begun the month with a lot of ups and downs but the month is favorable enough for good results by the end. Married life is going to go well except a rough patch in the mid-month.


Virgo, why are you ignorant of your health issues? The dates 5th-26th need your keen attention to your liver, kidney, intestines, and whole of the digestive system. While you’d be feeling disinterested in your job front, a little more effort from 9th-14th and 17th-30th can see you rising up with flying colors. Chances of going abroad are very high during this time. While the initial 15 days in regards to business and job won’t be fruitful, the rest 15 days will be beneficial. On the financial front, the two most favorable periods which are 1st-4th of June and 27th-30th of June. The initial 15 days do not seem very fruitful on the property/wealth front. From 9th-14th and 17th-30th, students will experience a fresh dose of concentration which will make them excel at their studies; this may further lead to their foreign departure for studies. Dates are important to keep in mind during this phase as from 1st-8th of June and 15th, 16th of June, the time is not at all fruitful and the students will tend to lose the unmatched dedication. The initial 22 days are going to be filled with intimacy and excitement in terms of your married life.


Greetings! You have successfully survived 5 months of the year and this month is going to shower good fortune on you. On the personal front, this month is going to lighten up your mood and you’ll try to look the best. Beauty treatments and personality development classes will be in the store for you. Cupid is going to point you out with his arrow and there are chances of a new love relationship. Also, if you’re already tied in a bond of love, the knots are going to turn stronger between the both of you. A feeling of dedication and sacrifice will rise between you and your partner. In case any legal/court projects are pending, they are sure to find a way by the end of this month. Focus on your studies and be very careful in identifying your real friends and foes. The expenditure this month would increase and there are signs that a guest would visit. Overall with little ups and downs this month, you are going to have a fab time ahead.


This month, your love relationship is going to fly high and experience a very fruitful time in case you plan for a wedding. Be ready for a trail of expenditures that are going to follow by in regards to the family, friends, and other delicate matters. This is your time to be very careful in matters of skin diseases caused by heat. With a little iffy stomach, your condition on the health front wouldn’t be bothered much. On the business front, if not losses, no prominent profits are seen anyway. In case you are collaborating with the government or signing contracts, there are chances of hurdles appearing mid-way and fewer profits coming your way; delay in contracts can also be seen. Arguments with government officials shouldn’t take place. Guidance from seniors is closely suggested. If children are your concern of stress, take a deep breath and boom! Your stress will be gone. Profit isn’t a very prominent element during this phase but financial stability is seen. Investing in property doesn’t seem to be a good decision- selling it off does.


For Sagittarians, this month is going to witness a great beginning as compared to the last one! With your unmatchable enthusiasm and self-confidence, you will be able to accomplish all the tasks assigned to you. On the health and financial front, stay calm and manage the money flow well. People in the education line or students who are pursuing a professional course will witness the best of time. Couples in a relationship are closely advised to take thoughtful steps in the relationship ahead and not give up on each other; remember tying a knot is always difficult than untying it. Married and personal life will see a prominent rise in your understanding as compared to the last month. On the career front, the future is pretty bright but in case you’re planning to buy land/property, analyze the situation before rushing; June can be rewarding. A bigger change isn’t needed but switching to new business options will be beneficial. Take some time before any buying/selling of property.


Such a bag of energy you are! This month is going to be beneficial for you in terms of health. You will come up with flying colors in competitive examinations like IAS, IPS, forest services, etc. Your working capacity is going to rise exponentially. Starting from the 1st till the 8th and later on 15th and 16th, there are sheer chances of that you might have an iffy stomach, a liver, or an intestinal disorder. People in service should consider the first 4 and last 4 days of the month very beneficial. 4th-14th and 21st-30th are two ultra-fruitful periods for supreme success. While 9th -14th and 21st-30th are truly joyous phases with your family and kids, this will also be the time when you will have to stay calm and work your way through with utmost calmness. During the initial fifteen days, your home will be filled with prosperity and you will experience a fair part from the property. The true happiness of personal life capsuled in your married life is going to be a sweetened deal in your life however, the initial days won’t be very easy for you. This is your time to cross high hurdles in your life and shine bright like the sun!


You are soon going to bloom in a flower of positivity, enthusiasm, and spontaneity; this is going to paint your life in rainbow colors. Your financial condition will see a better phase and new sources of income will be generated. Social, financial, as well as family relations, will witness a better phase. New pillars of long lost strength and will finally breathe in the air of new and refreshed energy. Old friends will come and little joys of old memories will brighten your whole month. This will also revive the energy and enthusiasm in you and you’d be able to work hard towards your children’s wedding. With new bonds in the family, there’ll be happiness around. People in the service sector will come up with flying colors and receive exponential success. Chances of visiting abroad for work are seen. There are sheer signs that pending works will finally come to an end. A beneficial time for the people in love as sudden proposals would be accepted and the bond will continue growing stronger. Students who work hard will pass the examinations for higher studies in Abroad.


In terms of health, this month is going to be the best. Little disorders like heart, liver, chest, intestines, etc. can disturb your body for the initial fifteen days; however, the rest 15 days would be smooth. Initial 22 days of the month are going to be really beneficial on the career front; during this time, you can plan on moving the business from one location to another. If you’re particularly in a job, the last 8 days of the month can really be fruitful. For business, 4 days of the beginning and 4 days of the end of the month are really fruitful. On the financial front, it is closely suggested to take up assignments only during the second and fourth week of the month. While during the first, third, and fifth week of the month, you will experience tension, mental stress, and restlessness. Pending issues might bring a layer of negativity. This is your ultimate test of patience and calm. Property decisions will be a big task during this time and hasty decisions will kill the vibe of it. Court trials and legal matters will be stretching and tiring. For students, 2nd, 4th, and 5th weeks of the month will be very promising.

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