• Saturday , 7 December 2019

Shilpa’s Fortune/Career after winning Bigg Boss 11

As Predicted By Monica Agarwal Celebrity Tarot Card Reader Shilpa Shinde Won Big Boss 11 title and walks with the Trophy. Now we requested to find out more about shilpa shinde future.

Hi All

I took out the cards for Shilpa Shinde, after winning big boss title her cards are suggesting a very bright future ahead for her, she has breakthrough all.negativities which was around her for last tow years and now all stars are favouring her. She might take sometime to decide on offers which she will start receiving. Past bad experiences and struggles are strong in her subconcious mind which might be little blockage and she might miss out some good opportunities at the intital stage due to her own decesions but as her planets are strong for current time i see her future more bright in films than serials. Though in films she might get side roles, dancing roles but she will do good in that. I also see her chances of returning to Television industry in later times. Her fan following and fN will increase but she also really needs to work on past and subconcious mind issues to get all the benefits of stars.

I wish all her all best in her future endeveours and success.

Monica Agarwal
Bollywood Tarot Reader

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