• Saturday , 7 December 2019

Top Four Finalists of Bigg Boss 11

Big Boss 11 Predictions by Celebrity Tarot Card Reader Monica Agarwal

Big Boss Finale is approaching near and Fans of Big Boss Must be wondering who would be four finalist and winners. Monica Agarwal Celebrity Tarot Readers Picks Up Tarot Cards for Each Remaining Contestant and as per Current Energies Forming Lets See What Cards Are Indicating.

Shilpa Shinde. No doubt She would be First Finalist as Wheel of Fortune is On her Side. With the Luck Favouring her she is receiving lot of love from Fans and been appreciated for her gaming skills. Beauty with Brains.

Second Finalist Chances are High of Vikas. Often indicated as Masterming of House. Tarot of The World is forming Lot of Positive energies around him and making him famous and lovable among the people.

Others two contestant who have great chances of reaching to four finalist are Hina Khan.

Fourth finalist is little difficukt as there is tie in cards between Luv and Puneesh..on side stars and planets in favour of Puneesh other side Luck is Strongly favouring Luv.

Now lets wait and see how the energies formed

Keep looking for this space as we soon come up with winner predictions

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