• Wednesday , 22 May 2019

What Your Hands Reveal About Your ‘Fatal Attraction’ & Love Compatibility In Relationships, According To Palm Reading Lines | Cynthia Clark – YourTango

Your hands can reveal a lot about your love compatibility in relationships.

According to palmistry, or palm reading, your hands and palm lines are mirrors that offer deep insight into all aspects of your personality and life — even your love life.

They reflect your greatest strengths and weaknesses, who you’re compatible with, and even what your emotional needs and preferences are in dating and relationships.

So when it comes to figuring out your love compatibility in relationships, learning how to read palms can reveal a lot about your ideal partner or current relationship — and whether or not you’re one of the people who is either likely to wind up with, or may already be in a relationship with, your “fatal attraction”.

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Despite its scary-sounding name, a “fatal attraction” isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

In fact, you’re going to feel insanely drawn and compelled to this person (and them to you), and your chemistry — initially at least — will be off the charts. But don’t mistake this spark for true love and relationship compatibility.

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