• Wednesday , 21 February 2018

World War III Astrology Prediction

We have copied one article writtent By Anupam V Kapil

You had written about the attacks on Paris way back in 1999, based on Nostradmus predictions. While some of these trends are very accurate, they are also scary at the same time. Do these predictions say something more concrete
Religious wars, culminating in the struggle for supremacy between faiths, are visualised by Nostradamus. Inter sectional warfare among the Mohammedans is also predicted. Many battles between Muslims and Christians are being predicted by Nostradamus… the ruin of Cyprus, Bombs at night in France and Germany shall cause great destruction.
An invasion will strike France by an eastern people coming through Italy, utilising the air, sea and snow. A series of aerial bombardments shall devastate France and extend to Malta and Sardinia. Agde, in France, will be the entering point for foreign propaganda, eventually conquering the entire country. There shall be widespread destruction in France in March – the cities mentioned are Montauban, Nismes, Avignon and Besier. In France, Naples, Sicily, Sez and Ponce, and in Germany, towards the Rhine and Cologne, there shall be great damage to sacred monuments of art and religion and there will religious troubles in these places followed by death inflicted by the Muslims. One year before Italy enters World War III, Paris will be overwhelmed by a terrific onslaught of atomic powered rockets.
According to Nostradmus, by when will these ISIS and terror activities end? Meanwhile, which other countries will be affected?

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